About Darko

Darko-Zoric-HR-149-textWEB.jpgAs the title of Darko’s first pop album suggests, Darko’s music life has been a long ‘Road To Somewhere’. His music career for the largest part was not planned, or deliberate. Learning classical piano from an early age, Darko’s earliest musical influences was of his father who was a successful performing musician in his own rite. He soon found himself thrust on the stage at an early age at the many functions his father would be performing at, which eventually paved the way for his love of performing and passion of music.

Darko also had a passion in football, however, after failing at his promising career in sport, Darko soon found himself focusing his time and energy in music and performance forming an originals band during his university years called ‘The Machiavellians’. During these years, Darko started penning together a collection of songs which would become the basis of his latest album. Most notably, the song ’Road To Somewhere’ was written during these confounding years, and has gone to become the title song of the album and highlights Darko’s anguish at not knowing where this road in life was heading, albeit his eagerness to arrive at its destination.

Darko-Zoric-HR-71-textWEBThe heartfelt song ’One Little Room’, was inspired by the experience of having Darko’s small family all live in one little room, and highlights the tears and joys experienced during that period. The controversial and passionate anti-abortion song ‘I Hear Your Voice’ was written just before the arrival of his third child, whom doctors recommended a termination due to the child having a congenital abnormality. ’I Hear Your Voice’ has angered some pro-choice groups, however, Darko is determined to have his say on such a social issue as it is so close to home. The ballads ‘Give In’ and ‘Forever Long’ were songs written for the love of his life, and explores Darko’s softer and romantic side.

Darko-Zoric-HR-23-textWEBThe album ‘Road To Somewhere’ was written during an intensely trying and tumultuous time in Darko’s life and whenever Darko performs these songs, a flood of emotions and nostalgic feeling rush through him as he relives those days over again. These intense emotions are apparent in Darko’s performance in the album “Road To Somewhere’ as Darko’s vocal is performed with great intensity and passion. It seems thus far, that Darko’s road to somewhere has many destinations yet….